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SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI provides international freight transport around the world, adapting flexibly to changing situations and working expertly on even the most difficult orders. At present, international freight transport has become the standard for the sector, particularly shipments to and from countries of the European Union. It is therefore essential to find a trusted cooperation partner who will deliver your cargo to the desired destination in good quality and quickly. With SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI you can ship your cargo with confidence that it will arrive at the desired time. International freight transport in Europe is what we do every day, but we also provide long-distance freight transport at a competitive price and in high quality. We have long experience and loyal international cooperation partners – when you choose the team of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI, you will not have to worry about your cargo.

For the smooth international freight transport, particular attention shall be paid to all stages of transportation. The aim is to provide a high-quality service, from the provision of information to the delivery of the consignment. This is why our employees, together with experienced international partner teams, monitor and track each phase of your cargo delivery so that everything goes well and the most effective solution is reached within the shortest time possible.

Contact the team of professionals of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI and we will help you to choose the right way to transport your cargo, as well as will take care of security, storage, transshipment of your cargo, prepare any documentation and provide other services included in international freight transport! Our experienced specialists will provide an efficient service for short-distance and long-distance international freight transport. Press here to contact us!

Types of international freight transport

Freight can be transported outside Latvia’s borders in different ways. Depending on the volume, destination, preferred delivery time of your cargo and other considerations, we offer international freight transport by road, air or sea:

only one load on the vehicle when it is either bulky or particularly sensitive and must not come into contact with others.
the cargo of several customers is combined in one transport, which optimizes the route and reduces costs for each customer.

Our top priority

Safe provision of transport services
We offer cargo insurance, tracking, etc.



Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance

Cargo tracking

Cargo tracking

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Destination countries of international freight transport

Depending on the mode of transport, SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI offers different destinations for international freight transport. Our opportunities are unlimited! If you need to deliver your products outside Latvia, we will do it qualitatively and quickly.

We serve the territories of countries of the European Union, Russia and CIS countries regularly by road freight transport. Of these, deliveries to and from Italy, Germany and Poland, from which we offer the most frequent express deliveries, have been most demanded recently. We can provide freight transport by sea and air to any place in the world where there is access to a port, from where it is possible to continue transportation by road, if necessary. If you know the delivery address, we will help you to deliver your cargo!
The price of international freight transport is influenced by a number of variable factors.

It is essential to understand:

  • cargo dimensions

  • delivery address

  • time for the provision of the service

  • type of freight transport: land, sea or air transport.

Freight transport by road is the most favourable in terms of time and price. Air transport can transport different types of cargo, including refrigerated cargo, as well as implement faster (express) deliveries.

If price rather than time consumption is a priority, we recommend to consider maritime transport as your option for international freight transport. This is the most favourable option not only in terms of transport of large quantities of goods, but also in terms of distance and price.

On the other hand, where priority is time and security of delivery of cargo,particularly to the most distant regions, the best choice is freight transport by air. Although freight transport by air is the most expensive, air transport can provide the greatest freedom in terms of destination – you can deliver your cargo literally anywhere without considering the limitations of road and water infrastructure! To learn more about the cost of international freight transport, contact us here!
International freight transport is not just freight transportation. Several additional services can be distinguished, which will save you time and extra costs with the help of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI.

In particular, we recommend cargo insurance for international freight transport to ensure that the consignment arrives at the destination without any damage which might arise due to traffic accidents, inattentive transhipment or natural disasters.

In order to ensure the safety of cargo, it is essential not only to insure it, but also to make sure that all documentation has been prepared. Therefore, for your convenience, we offer to handle any formalities such as the drawing up of customs declarations and other documents, customs clearance of cargo or making customs payment or, in short, customs brokerage services. Customs brokerage services became particularly in demand following the Brexit agreement, which made cargo deliveries to and from England considerably more complex, which means that at least export, import and transit declarations should now be drawn up.

Similarly, international freight transport is unimaginable without warehouse services – we offer both customs and ordinary warehouses, both within and outside the territory of Latvia, thereby allowing you to store your cargo before or between shipments, as well as to perform its division or purchase and sale transactions.

To learn more about the above-mentioned offers of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI, see “Logistics services”!

If you want a responsible and trusted cooperation partner who will ensure that your cargo is transported to any place in the world – contact us! Specialists of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI will be glad to answer all your questions.

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