Warehouse services

Warehouse services are an integral part of logistics and transport. With warehouses, we ensure the division, transhipment and storage of the cargo until the consignee is willing to accept the cargo or the next stage of transport is prepared. SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI offers a wide range of warehouse services at affordable prices so that customers can choose the most optimal option that meets their needs and capabilities.

Warehouse services become necessary as soon as you have decided on the method of delivery of your cargo, as the next step is to assess the place of delivery – no matter whether it is your office or our warehouse. We offer extensive and modern warehouse services, which correspond to the highest level in the sector and European Union standards, and at affordable prices. We provide warehouse services for different groups of goods, depending on the specifics of the goods, as well as services of customs warehouses and related additional services, such as drawing up customs declarations, consolidating cargo, labelling and preparing for export. We take care of responsible storage of cargo, which prevents loss of quality of goods, and the well-being of our employees, therefore warehouses are equipped with innovative systems and technologies. We also offer professional warehouse equipment and tools to make unloading of goods more convenient, as well as a special crane suitable for off-gauge cargo.

Warehouse services are an essential part of logistics, which ensure convenient transhipment and storage of cargo until the next shipment or reception of the cargo. To get a quote for warehouse services, press here!


Warehouse services offered by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI are not limited to the use of warehouse premises for the storage of shipments and goods in accordance with the terms of the contract and the specific characteristics of the cargo. In warehouse premises, you can place and store your cargo for a short and for a long period of time and in both ordinary and customs warehouses, where responsible employees will take care of its safety and ensure that the process is as simple as possible for you. SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI has a 1000 m2 internal warehouse, which is constantly supervised and guarded. We also offer storage of off-gauge cargo in the area outside premises.

While warehouse services are primarily intended for short-term and long-term storage of goods and shipments in a safe area, we have developed this service to give our customers even more opportunities. Apart from ordinary and customs warehouse services, we offer additional services such as the selection, labelling, consolidation, registration, preparation of goods for further transport and other.

Reception of cargo: we ensure that goods are received carefully according to the specification of the goods, no matter whether they are measured in pallets, kilograms, boxes, pieces, articles or in other ways. It is important for us that you can put your goods into storage in a warehouse without difficulty, so we will adapt to any situation.

Storage according to the specifics of the cargo: warehouses provide a high level of safety and appropriate technical parameters to ensure storage in warehouses according to the specifics of the various goods – specialised, non-specialised, special, universal or mixed. For example, storage of goods in a specific temperature regime.

Warehouse logistics: logistics of warehouse services includes not only a plan for the storage of goods, but also transhipment or division of goods as needed. The terms of the customer’s contract define what is necessary for the full implementation of the process in order to achieve the goal in the most efficient way.

Selection of customer’s products by articles and pieces: we ensure selection and sorting of goods both by articles and by pieces, according to customer’s individual requirements.

Purchase and sale of goods: services of a customs warehouse also make it possible to purchase and sell goods stored in warehouses on the spot.

Assembling and labelling of goods: assembling or consolidating goods in warehouses is used in cases where the goods are transported in less than full unit, thereby reducing the cost of transport as they are shared with the owners of other goods. Labelling of goods is part of assembly.

Customs registration of goods on behalf of the customer: customs registration of goods is a resource-intensive process. Our logistics specialists will make sure that each process in customs procedures is carried out in accordance with national legislation.

Customs brokerage services: it is known that customs procedures and specifics are complex. Therefore, the drawing up and redrafting of customs declarations and other documents, the settlement of formalities, the issuing of invoices and support in the customs clearance of cargo will not only save you time, but will keep you updated on the essential details, without which freight transport can be much more complicated.

Preparation of goods for export: we ensure that goods are prepared for export procedures based on labelling and packaging, as well as draw up a customs declaration.

Preparation of documentation accompanying the cargo for the consignee: The provision of this additional service by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI includes the drawing up of accompanying documentation so that the cargo can be handed over to the consignee without a hitch.

Delivery of cargo to the consignee at any place in Latvia: within the framework of the customs warehouse service, we ensure the delivery of cargo to the door to any place in Latvia!

Consultations: we offer consultations to dispel customers’ insecurity and reduce the burden of responsibility, or simply answer any unclear questions about warehouse services and related topics. Employees of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI who are experts in their field will gladly help you and answer all your questions.

Types of warehouses

Warehouse services provide for the storage of goods and cargo in different types of warehouses – depending on the customer’s wishes, the specific of the cargo and the freight transport route. We offer several types of warehouses:

Short-term warehouse

The warehouse where you can place and store your cargo in the short term – up to one calendar month.

Long-term warehouse

The warehouse where you can place and store your cargo in the long term – up to several calendar months.

Warehouse for off-gauge loads

The warehouse located in an open area and suitable for all types of off-gauge loads. For your convenience we provide the necessary machinery and a crane.

Customs warehouse

The warehouse intended for the storage of cargo until it is customs cleared or until the further transport of the cargo. The customs warehouse provides a range of additional services, such as customs brokerage services, registering, sorting cargo, preparing it for export, as well as drawing up accompanying documents and settling other formalities related to customs clearance.

Advantages of warehouse services by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI

Warehouse services by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI have a number of advantages that we can be proud of and which provide our customers with the most appropriate options for each individual requirement.

Ordinary and customs warehouses have a strategically advantageous location. This is beneficial not only from the point of view of delivery and transport of cargo, but also in terms of time and money savings.

Warehouse services are not complete without security controls, so we pay great attention to the safety of cargo – it is important not only for cargo owners but also for us. Our warehouses are guarded 24/7 to ensure responsible work and safety of cargo. Similarly, all the cargo in our warehouse may be insured at your request.

Our warehouse services are provided using modern technological devices and professional warehouse tools, which makes it easier for specialists to work and makes it possible to achieve even better results!

We provide warehouse services according to the specifics of the cargo, thereby guaranteeing and maintaining the quality of the goods unchanged.

To make lives of our customers easier, we offer customs brokerage services, which will take care of all customs formalities and documentation.

We are able to offer a high quality of warehouse services while keeping prices affordable!

The main value of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI is customers and the team. We have a significant professional team with high competence capable of providing the highest service to customers. This is why we pay particular attention to the individual approach – we adapt our services to specific needs of each customer.

The team of professionals of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI provides warehouse services with a high sense of responsibility, in high quality and for affordable prices. Contact us to get a quote or consultation regarding the most favourable option for you from the whole range of our warehouse services!