Full truck load transport

International full truck load transport by road

International full truck load transport by road or FTL means the delivery of a full truck load, the transportation of which requires a single transport unit and which normally occupies the entire internal volume of the vehicle, trailer or semi-trailer. Unlike transport of less than truck loads, which provides the possibility of combining cargoes of several customers in a single vehicle to be delivered to places that are geographically close to each other, full truck load transport is intended for the cargo of one consignor or consignee in the vehicle, if it is large or particularly sensitive and must not come into contact with other cargoes. Full truck load transport is the most convenient and cost-effective means of transporting large cargo, since the costs per unit of freight reduce significantly at the expense of the volume of the cargo or cargo units, which are carried by the specific road vehicle. Full truck load transport is the most rational option compared to other shipping offers if your cargo is large in terms of quantity or size. These shipments are usually selected for the transport of large cargo if the speed and security of delivery of the cargo is important. SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI has been offering international full truck load transport by road for a long time. It is provided in high quality and at low price. Full truck load transport is there for you to deliver even your largest cargo. Taking into account our transport network, international full truck load transport by road is not only a convenient but also a quick service.

International full truck load transport not only opens up very extensive opportunities thanks to the flexibility of its routes, speed and regularity, but is also profitable in terms of price compared to the deliveries of less than truck loads. Full truck load deliveries are made from the loading address to the unloading address and do not require additional warehouse operations. Using full truck load transport by road, your shipment can be delivered to the door, and also cargo with special speed or delivery requirements can be shipped. In addition, full truck load transport by road offers additional possibilities, such as speeding up the order delivery by involving two vehicle drivers, thereby ensuring the delivery speed and cargo safety you need. Only your cargo is loaded into the vehicle, no time needs to be spent on consolidating and loading other goods from multiple loading points. This makes it possible to significantly speed up the delivery deadline and reduce transport costs. Full truck load transport in Europe is usually organised several times a week, which means that full truck load transport by road is the most favourable in terms of delivery time and price.

Types of international full truck load transport

The amount of full truck load may be from 34 euro pallet places to 38 euro pallet places, but volume ranges from 80 cubic metres to 120 cubic metres of cargo and up to 24,000 kg of gross weight. Depending on the specifics of the freight transport, the type of cargo compartment corresponding to the shipment is selected.

The most common and most accessible way of transporting full truck load currently is using curtain-side trailers and semi-trailers. These types of cargo compartment can be used to transport less valuable packaged raw materials, expensive high-tech equipment and even packaged dangerous goods, since full truck load transport by road offers all the possibilities to deliver goods quickly and safely. The curtain-side trailers and semi-trailers for full truck load transport are suitable and safe for the transport of dangerous materials and substances, which is ensured by the necessary special technical equipment, as well as by a licensed driver.

There are also refrigerated semi-trailers intended for the transport of cargo in the prescribed constant temperature regime. Refrigerated freight transport is a road transport service, maintaining a certain temperature level throughout the freight transport. The temperature of the internal refrigerated trailer may vary from a deep cold intended for the transport of frozen meat or fish products to a sufficient degree of heat for products which, on the contrary, should not freeze during transport, such as wine or medical products, as well as various construction goods, which could at the same time be classified as dangerous cargo. In this way, the refrigerated freight transport has benefits when crossing state borders and does not need to stay in a queue for customs clearance to exit from the European Union.

SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI provides full truck load general freight services, temperature regime freight and oversized freight services using curtain-sided, refrigerated and oversized platforms to/from the European, Baltics and CIS countries. Transport is organised by attracting teams of experienced international partners from European and CIS countries. Given that each customer has special requirements for the transport of cargo, we offer a variety of additional options at the customer’s request, such as tracking the location of cargo 24/7, informative support for the customer in customs matters, cargo fastening and packaging consultations and we provide a full range of logistics services: warehouse services, customs brokerage services, insurance, 24/7 guarding and, if necessary, armed escorts by cargo security companies.

Each full truck load (FTL) delivery is carried out on an individually designed route, paying particular attention to the lowest time consumption, and taking into account the quickest and safest route. Full truck load transport is primarily of interest to large companies importing and exporting goods, construction organisations and industrial companies that trade in goods at international level. Today, one of the most important aspects of business is an efficient transport and logistics network. If it is not convenient for a company to implement its own transport services or if transportation is not so regular, it needs partners like SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI, for which transport services, including international full truck load (FTL) transport by road, have been the main service for more than 15 years. For the successful international full truck load transport, particular attention is paid to all stages of transportation. The aim is to provide a high-quality service, from the provision of information to the delivery of cargo. This is why our employees, together with experienced international partner teams, monitor and track each phase of your cargo delivery so that everything goes well and the most effective solution is reached within the shortest time possible. Full truck load transport is organised using different transport units depending on the destination and customer’s expectations, which we meet at the best possible level. Understanding the values of our customers and performance in the best possible way is our main task, so we will always look for solutions that will provide you with the most efficient international full truck load transport.

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International full truck load transport by road is the most appropriate choice for you if you need to deliver voluminous cargo and if you want to reduce road costs. Specialists of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI will answer all your questions about full truck load transport! Contact us immediately and find out your full truck load transport offer!