Freight transport by air

In today’s rapid lifestyle, freight transport by air has become a popular choice – particularly in express freight transport. It is selected to ensure higher security of freight transport or to transport the cargoes to more distant regions. Freight transport by air is often chosen in two cases: when the cargo needs to be delivered to the destination quickly and if the cargo has a high value.

Freight transport by air has been one of services of SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI for more than 16 years. Over the years, not only the network of partners abroad and at the global airports has grown, but also knowledge and skills in various types of freight transport by air have developed. We are a trusted logistics company that will take care of both the smallest and the most valuable shipments of our customers with high responsibility during the whole transportation. Knowing that air freight as a process can be a complicated labyrinth, we offer various additional services to deliver your shipment without any delays!

Using freight transport by air you will get only the best – reduced delivery time, increased security, and priority delivery service! Contact us to find out the costs of delivering your shipment using freight transport by air!

Advantages of freight transport by air

Freight transport by air has many advantages. The speed of delivery should be mentioned as the main advantage – freight transport by air is an incomparable service in this regard. If you want to deliver your cargo as a priority, or the expiration date of the goods is limited, you should choose freight transport by air! Freight transport by air is beneficial not only due to its speed but also due to its transparency, it follows the flight schedules exactly.
The freight transport by air is chosen also by those customers who want to be sure that their cargo is safe. As it is known, all airports have serious security checks and controls, that is why freight transport by air is also chosen for those goods that need higher security.
Freight transport by air is one of the most convenient ways of transporting cargoes to any place in the world, since they are not linked to road infrastructure or ports, only to the airports. It is not possible to cover such long-distance routes in such a short time using any other ways of transportation.

Freight transport by air by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI

Freight transport by air by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI is one of the main offers to adapt to growing customer requirements and delivery times. Many years of experience in freight transport by air has armed us with the knowledge of the industry, making it possible for us to complete increasingly more complicated transport in more efficient ways for our customers. Our extensive network of international partners allows convenient routes to be developed to make freight transport by air economically beneficial to you. Do not doubt, we will find ways to transport your shipment safely and quickly!

  • Freight transport by air – regular and fixed in time;
  • Freight transport by air for import and export to any destination in the world;
  • Groupage cargo transport by air;
  • Transport of dangerous goods;
  • Organisation work – freight transport by air is a service which requires industry-specific knowledge of its requirements and the completion of formalities and the preparation of documentation for successful and high-quality performance.

Air freight and additional services

SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI provides additional services so that you do not have to waste your time during the process. In terms of internal processes, freight transport by air is the most complicated of all, so our professionals with excellent orientation in the aviation industry will do this for you. Logistics specialists will fulfil all the requirements relating to customers’ freight transport by air responsibly, starting with the fulfilment of regulatory enactments and customs formalities, registering cargo size, and ending with the planning of the whole route, communicating with international partners, as well as reserving other transports or warehouses.

  • Freight transport by air and modern technologies make it possible to track the cargoes throughout its delivery;
  • Combined or multimodal freight transport using several modes of transport;
  • Door-to-door delivery of the cargoes;
  • Our freight transport by air also includes cargo insurance, despite being the most secure of all modes of transport;
  • Freight transport by air for import and export with the preparation of documentation;
  • Customs clearance and customs brokerage services;
  • Customs warehouse and ordinary warehouse services.

Why to trust us?

SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI has more than 16 years of experience in the providing of different transport and logistics services, so we have proven ourselves to be a trusted partner for large and small businesses. Freight transport by air is one of the services we have been providing to our customers from the very beginning of our operations. During this time, we have gained large experience in the implementation of complex projects, and therefore we are happy to take on new professional challenges. Year after year freight transport by air is becoming increasingly more in demand, the number of shipments increases and the number of flights increases as well. Being aware of this as well as of the fact that freight transport by air provides around 30% of the value of all transported cargo, we are developing technology, information systems used in the provision of the service and the list of partners. Thanks to this development, freight transport by air is becoming safer and more beneficial, as well as with shorter transit times.

We also understand that freight transport can cause various delays – even freight transport by air is not fully protected. Therefore, our team can adapt to new situations by acting flexibly to ensure that the customer’s cargo is safely delivered to the delivery address in the earliest possible time. As freight transport by air remains the most demanded service, customers choose to use it more often – we offer long-term cooperation.

Freight transport by air by SIA LOĢISTIKAS RISINĀJUMI is of high quality, efficient and economically cost-effective. Contact us if you want a consultation or a quote for freight transport by air!